Summer Update

Wow, it's been a while since I've been here!

It's been a couple of months since I took part in Authors for Indies but I wanted to let you know how it went. I had a great day and got some good publicity for my book, and I got to meet some wonderful Canadian writers, including Jane Urquhart!

It was a real honour to participate in this event...working with other Canadian writers to support independent book stores and promote reading. 

Read more about my experience at Lighthouse Books in Brighton. 

I hope that you're having a great summer!


Support Independent Bookstores!

Support Independent Bookstores!

New Year, Big News!

Joyous New Year! I hope that the holidays were good to everyone.

I some news about my writing...I've very excited about it and hope that you will be too!

I’m thrilled to announce that Soapstone Signs is becoming a series!  Orca Book Publishers of Victoria BC will release book two in the spring of 2018.

That's about all I can say but please stay tuned and remember to never run while carrying your pet porcupine.

All the best in 2017! 

Thanksgiving in Moosonee

Chapter 4 of Soapstone Signs came alive in Moosonee on Thanksgiving Monday 2016! 

Leslie, Bella and I had set a fire and hung a pail for tea on the shores of Store Creek. We heard some splashing in the distance. Closer and closer the splashing came to our little campfire. It was family of 3 otters . They were curious about who was at their bend in the creek, and likely about what we were having for lunch!

In Soapstone Signs, a family of 4 otters mirrors the family of four humans out having fun on the river. Our visit to Moosonee saw our family of Mom, Dad and daughter visited by a Mom otter, a Dad otter and one teenybopper otter. Life imitates art. It was awesome. Leslie got some great pictures including this one:


The otters very closely resembled the ones beautifully depicted by Darlene Gait's illustrations in Soapstone Signs.

We "otter" give a big thank you to our friends Carol and Bish Hennessey of Moosonee for this great experience!

The Red Canoe

What an honour to perform with soprano Leslie Fagan and pianist Lorin Shalanko this past May 7th at Abbey North! The three of us presented "The Red Canoe", the second performance in our Poet and the Singer Series.

‎Thanks to John and Thea Patterson for hosting the performance, which raised donations for the Abbey Gardens Community Trust. We had a great time combining Lorin's piano, Leslie's voice and my poems to tell the story of red canoes, romance and lazy summers under the Haliburton moon.

Leslie Fagan and Lorin Shalanko

Leslie Fagan and Lorin Shalanko

Leslie and Lorin have just recorded a CD together: Thread of Winter. Visit to learn more!

The Importance of Children's Stories

I visited Disney World with my family in February. Everywhere you turn in that incredible place, you see the fantastic heights that simple children’s stories can reach.

“Always remember that this whole thing was started by a mouse,” said Walt Disney.

And I think yes, by a pen to paper story about a mouse. What an inspiration! My hat is off to you Mr. Disney and never again will I refer to a small or ramshackle establishment as a Mickey Mouse operation.




2015 Was a Great Year for Jeff's First Novel!

Soapstone Signs, Jeff’s first novel, was very successful in 2015! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Soapstone Signs was included as one of 25 Canadian Children’s titles chosen for a mega-launch at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference. 
  • The Club Amick program (founded by former Lieutenant-Governor James Bartleman) circulated Soapstone Signs for free to children in far northern communities.
  • The Canadian Children’s Book Centre selected Soapstone Signs to be part of their Best Books recommendations. Out of six books selected in the Early Chapter Books category, Soapstone Signs was the only title to receive a Red Star, reserved for titles of exceptional caliber.

Jeff looks forward to the continued success of Soapstone Signs, available for purchase here.

Jeff and his mom June at the OLA Super Conference 2015

Jeff and his mom June at the OLA Super Conference 2015