In Jeff's first published collection of poetry, The Valentine's Day Books, he presents down to earth and heartwarming messages of love inspired by his real-life romance with his life partner, opera singer Leslie Fagan

The book is published by TheRightEyedDeerPress

Cover photography ('Valentine's Day on Kennisis Lake') is provided by Fagan and printing by Haliburton's Parker Pad & Printing Ltd.  

Jeff’s work has recently been anthologized in these books of poetry:

  • The Wrack Line featuring the winners of The NOT The Whittaker Prize 2013 with contributors from the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA. 
  • Highway 35, a collection of poems by members of Haliburton County’s Live Poets.

Jeff won the Editor's Choice Award from Contemporary Verse 2 in their 2014 Two Day Poem Contest. His winning entry appears in the magazine. 

Jeff has recently had poems published in Tridentine, All Rights Reserved Literary Journal and received an honorable mention in Lucid Forge's National University Poetry Contest.