Thanksgiving in Moosonee

Chapter 4 of Soapstone Signs came alive in Moosonee on Thanksgiving Monday 2016! 

Leslie, Bella and I had set a fire and hung a pail for tea on the shores of Store Creek. We heard some splashing in the distance. Closer and closer the splashing came to our little campfire. It was family of 3 otters . They were curious about who was at their bend in the creek, and likely about what we were having for lunch!

In Soapstone Signs, a family of 4 otters mirrors the family of four humans out having fun on the river. Our visit to Moosonee saw our family of Mom, Dad and daughter visited by a Mom otter, a Dad otter and one teenybopper otter. Life imitates art. It was awesome. Leslie got some great pictures including this one:


The otters very closely resembled the ones beautifully depicted by Darlene Gait's illustrations in Soapstone Signs.

We "otter" give a big thank you to our friends Carol and Bish Hennessey of Moosonee for this great experience!